Guide for Authors

Manuscript Submission

 The papers must be submitted to the Journal of Simulation and Analysis of Novel Technologies in Mechanical Engineering electronically through the JSME editorial manager at The manuscript should be written in English and a minimum standard of the proficiency in the English language should be met before submission to the editorial office.

Requirted Forms

Copyright Transfer Form

Conflict of Interest Statement Form

 Manuscript Preparation

 Manuscripts should be typed in JSME template. Click ***HERE (JSME TEMPLATE)*** to download the template. All manuscript must use SI (metric) units in the text, figures, or tables. Manuscripts should be organized in the following order: title, name(s) of author(s) and his/her (their) complete affiliation(s) including zip code(s), Abstract (not exceeding 250 words), Introduction, Main body of paper, Acknowledgements and References.


 All mathematical equations should be clearly printed/typed using well accepted explanation. Superscripts and subscripts should be typed clearly above or below the base line. Equation numbers should be given in Arabic numerals enclosed in parentheses on the right-hand margin. They should be cited in the text as, for example, Eq. (1), or Eqs. (1)-(3).


 Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Do not add a border around the outside of tables. All tables should be referred to in the text.


 All the illustrations should be of high quality meeting with the publishing requirement with legible symbols and legends. In preparing the illustrations, authors should consider a size reduction during the printing process to have acceptable line clarity and character sizes. The captions of all figures should be referred to in the text as, for example, Fig. 1, or Figs. 1-3.


All references should be listed at the end of the manuscripts, arranged in order. The exemplary form of listed references is as follows: 

Eason, G., Noble, B., & Sneddon, I. N. (1955). On certain integrals of Lipschitz-Hankel type involving products of Bessel functions. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences247(935), 529-551.

Maxwell, J. C. (1873). A treatise on electricity and magnetism (Vol. 1). Clarendon press.

Jacobs, I. S. (1963). Fine particles, thin films and exchange anisotropy. Magnetism, 271-350.

K. Elissa, “Title of paper if known,” unpublished.

References, including those pending publications in well-known journals or pertaining to private communications, not readily available to referees and readers will not be acceptable if the understanding of any part of the submitted paper is dependent upon them. In the text the reference should be numbered in bracket in ascending order, e.g. [1], [2], etc. Single or two authors can be referred in the text; three or more authors should be shortened to the last name of the first author, like Smith et al.

 Revised Manuscripts

 Manuscripts reviewed that require revision should be revised and uploaded with a response to the reviewer's comment at JSME editorial manager within two months. Otherwise, the manuscript will be considered as a new manuscript when and if it is resubmitted.

Copyright Transfer and Publication Ethics

 Once the paper is accepted for publication, authors must submit the copyright transfer form which is available at the journal website. Journal of Simulation and Analysis of Novel Technologies in Mechanical Engineering strictly follow Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines how to deal with potential acts of misconduct.

 Proofs and Reprints

 Galley proofs will be provided as a PDF file to the author. The author should return the corrected galley proofs within a week. Attention of the authors is directed to the instructions which accompany the proof, especially the requirement that all corrections, revisions, and additions be entered on the proofs and not on the manuscripts. Proofs should be carefully checked and returned to the editorial office by e-mail if the changes are minimal. If the changes are extensive, proofs should be returned with attachment. Substantial changes in an article at this stage may be made at the author’s expense. The reprint request form must be returned with the proof. Neither the editor nor the office keeps any supply of reprints.

 Page Charge

The publication costs for the articles published in Journal of Simulation and Analysis of Novel Technologies in Mechanical Engineering are currently fully sponsored by the Islamic Azad University (Khomeinishahr Branch), so authors do not need to pay the article processing charge following acceptance of their manuscript.