Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4 - Serial Number 28, January 2017 
3. Optimization of the parameters of low-carbon steel (EN10130) welding using friction stir welding method

Pages 603-612

Akbar Alimohammady; Masoud Kasiri; Masoud Afrand; Hossein Noruzi Forooshani

5. Fatigue Analysis and Optimization of Crankshaft of V8 Diesel Engine

Pages 619-630

Ali Abdollahifar; Mohammad Amin Khoshuee; Seyyed Masoud Hashemi

6. Free vibration analysis of circular sandwich plates with clamped FG face sheets

Pages 631-646

Younes Mohammadi; Keivan H Safari; Mohsen Rahmani

8. Time Dependent Analysis of Micro-tubes Conveying Nanofluids Under Time-Varying Heat Flux

Pages 661-672

Mohammad Hossaini; Meisam Khaloei; Abbas Zandi Baghche Maryam