WiFi Based Massager Device with NodeMCU Through Arduino Interpreter

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1 School of Information Engineering, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology,No 86, Hongqi Ave, Ganzhou, Jiangxi,341000, China

2 Department of Medical Engineering, Ragheb Esfahani Higher Education Institute, Isfahan, Iran


According to the claim of electrical and shocker makers, creating artificial spasms have a duty of such sport activates for a person and leads to burn calories, weight loss and size. Of course, this function hasn’t been proven yet. Slimming belt and massage devices are using 2 mechanism containing vibration and shaking the area and creating heat, which causes temporary relocation and tiny of subcutaneous fat and slimming belt leads to decrease size. Vibration devices can be categorized in to 2 groups: First: topical belts and massagers, and second: vibration plates or whole body vibrator. In this project which has done with the aim of massager devices, one simple with the small dimensions and in order to controlling through wifi, has designed and evaluated, which result of this study, is demonstrating the successful design and making mentioned device has capability to use in therapeutic halls. Moreover, with attention to the similar structure to the slimming belts, it can be used in large dimension for slimming belts.


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