Dynamic Modeling, Assembly and implementing Quadrotor UAV Using PID Controller

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1 Khominishahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, khomeinishahr, Iran

2 Department of Electronic Science, University of Pune, Pune: 411007, India.


in the past decade, paying attention to the vertical fliers has been noted by most of the scientist and researchers, because of their exclusive features. The special capabilities of these, reducing radar identifier, low risk for human life, no restrictions on size and uses such as photography, survey, press coverage, checking, power lines, meteorological analysis, traffic, monitoring, in urban areas, crops and poison, spraying products, controlling country boundaries, controlling illegal imports and exports, fire detection and control, search and rescue operations for missing people and natural disasters can be mentioned, which leads to the plenty of motives for researchers. Contains wide researchers and putting various topics in front of researchers. One of these fields is using various algorithms with the ability to use in their control system. Mainly, the PID controllers are reported by the researchers, but although the PID controller as a classic model has some restrictions, it has shown a good performance. In this research, with the aim of design and implement of extracted value from the Dynamic system to controller point of view first, the history of vertical fliers and quadrotor are discussed, in the following, the result of PID controller is implemented on a real robot and its sustainability is investigated then, through applying the route to the quadrotor, the controller performance of stability and chasing the path is evaluated in practice.


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