Modeling and modal analysis to oscillations of IPMC cantilever beam and simulating as an actuator

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Islamic Azad University, Khomeinishahr Branch


The purpose of this article is modal analysis of ionic polymer metal composite beams, then briefing the system to the unique parameters to help in up modeling of the actuator. In this paper at first using of Mathematical analysis and Closed form transfer function of cantilever beam dynamic response to the forces of different inputs (intensive and continuous) is calculated and for different types of systems resonance and anti-resonance  points in frequency analysis are found, then with using modal analysis of system the entire response is briefed in the basic mode and parameters of un-damped natural frequency and damping coefficient in this mode is to introduced for the system, after the cantilever composite beam considered as an operator with the input voltage, displacement and produces a force on the free end, By observing the behavior of the system, analyzed responses to the inputs


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