Energy Harvesting Electrical from Nano Beam with Layer Piezoelectric under Random Vibration

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1 MSc Student, Department of Engineering Shahid Chamran University

2 MSc student, Department of Engineering, Shahid Chamran University

3 Phd student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yazd University

4 Director of the Department of Mechanical Islamic Azad University Omidiyeh


In the present paper, electrical energy harvesting from random vibrations of an Euler-Bernoulli nano-beam with two piezoelectric layers is investigated. The beam is composed of an aluminum layer together with two piezoelectric ceramic layers (PZT 5A) serving as energy harvesting sensors. In the proposed method, the equations governing the bimorph nano-beam will be analytically derived using classical beam theory with corresponding modification coefficients to the nano-structure applied. Then, the derived system of equations will be solved following Kantorovich method. Assumed boundary conditions for the nano-beam are as follows: a clamped end with the mass concentrated at the free end of the beam. Further, the input activation function of the system for energy harvesting was taken as being random. Since the objective of this research is to investigate the amount of harvested energy, the section on the results provides associated voltage and maximum output power curves with the bimorph nano-beam under random activation and input white noise, while also presenting the effects of characteristics and scale factor of the nano-particles on the amount of harvested energy.


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