Effect of heat treatment on microstructural properties of three-layer sheet aluminum magnesium - aluminum - stainless steel

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Metal coating, metal materials are of two or more layers. The coating metals are widely used in industry. These sheets or saving performance and cost effective solution or both the user. Performance coating metals according to usage in structural applications, settings thermal expansion of the thermo-mechanical control (thermostat), electrical, magnetic, corrosion resistant, flowering and decorative connection is divided. In each action, you may have attended several coating metal system.
In this study, using the process connectors, three-layer aluminum sheet net aluminum, stainless steel was producedd Magnesium-. Examples of cross-links in different situations rolled and annealed photos were taken. In order to determine the best conditions for the production of multi-layer sheet, the effect of process parameters were evaluated connectors. Changes in different mechanical properties by tensile test was performed according to ASTM E8M allowed. The survey showed that the samples annealed at temperatures above 375 ° C for aluminum, a substantial increase bond strength of the samples has been rolled.


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