Implementing a Practical Light Transmission System in order to Lighting an Office with Zero Energy Consumption

Document Type : Persian


Islamic Azad University, Khomeinishahr Branch


One of the recently considered applications of fiber optic, in their usage in building lighting systems. In this research, in order to reduce energy consumption, by transmission of sun light from the roof to the desired place (i.e. an office), the required standard luminance is produced. The main aims of this research are :
1. Reduction of energy consumption.
2. Making the place compatible with the human favorable mental conditions and environment.
3. Preparing the basics of mass production of the system and economical benefits for the university
In this research besides concentrating the sun light to magnify its density, some investigations are made for light transmission by fiber optics, because, no mathematical model was found for this per pose, practical tests are made in addition to statistical analysis.
Using different lenses and fiber optics and a position control system (which specially designed for this research), many experiences were made and iluminances were measured by a lux meter. After that by SPSS V.17 software, the results were analyzed. Finally the best Lenz and fiber were selected and a straight forward method was presented for designing a typical office in such manner.


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