Numerical simulation of mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluid in an inclined enclosure by applying LBM

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Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch


Mixed convection of Cu-Water nanofluid is studied numerically in a shallow inclined enclosure by applying lattice Boltzmann method. The D2Q9 lattice and internal energy distribution function based on the BGK collision operator are used in order to develop the thermal flow field. The enclosure's hot lid has the constant velocity of U0 while its cold lower wall has no motion. Moreover, sidewalls are taken in to account as adiabatic ones. At 3 modes of convection heat transfer (free convection, force convection and mixed convection), the effects of volume fraction and inclination angle of enclosure are studied for different values of Reynolds number as equal to 10 and 100. Comparison of achieved results as like the streamlines, isotherms and profiles of velocity and temperature versus pervious available ones, implies the appropriate agreement. It is seen that more amount of volume fraction and enclosure inclination angle at the state of free convection would correspond to higher Nusselt number. The incomes of present work show the suitable performance of lattice Boltzmann method in order to simulate the nanofluid mixed convection in an inclined enclosure.


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