Modeling and Crack-growth and Calculate First Intensity Factor with Ansys Software

Document Type : Persian


MSc Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Khomeinishahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


Study about Fracture Mechanics and the root cause of fracture in order to estimates lifetime for Mechanical parts in designing process and manufacturing have tremendous role in this realm. Stress intensity factor comes into design which not only is dependent to geometry also extremely to load condition; for instance, it is important in failure processes (brittle and ductile Materials) or to predict rest life for a mechanical part under fluctuating stress. Stress intensity factor is separated from stress concentration factors. This dimensionless factor, is used to quantify how "concentrated" the stress is. Stress concentration factors are due to geometrical changes of cross sections and regardless of the load condition. At this article, concentrate on modeling and growing a crack during Tension Stress and calculate first stress intensity factor with Ansys software and compare the result with Westgard function


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