Vibration and Buckling of Double-Graphene Sheet-Systems with an Attached Nanoparticle Based on Classical and Mindlin Plate Theories Considering Surface Effects

Document Type : Persian


Associated professor, Islamic Azad University, Khomeinishahr Branch, Khomeinishahr, Iran.


Vibration of double-graphene sheet-system is considered in this study. Graphene sheets are coupled by Pasternak elastic medium. Classic and Mindlin plate theories are utilized for modeling the coupled system. Upper sheet carries a moving mass. Governing equations are derived using energy method and Hamilton’s principle considering surface stress effects and nonlocal parameter.  Using Galerkin method, figures of frequency versus nonlocal parameter are drawn and the effects of different parameters such as moving mass, surface effects and etc. are discussed. Results show considering surface effects, the frequency of coupled system increases. Also heavier mass and farther mass away from supports will result in lower frequencies


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