Stress Analysis of Magneto Thermoelastic and Induction Magnetic Filed in FGM Hallow Sphere

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1 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Isfahan University of Technology

2 Assistant Professor, Kashan University

3 M.Sc., Isfahan University of Technology


In this paper a closed form solution for one-dimensional magnetothermoelastic problem in a functionally graded material (FGM) hollow sphere placed in a uniform magnetic field and temperature field subjected to an internal pressure is obtained using the theory of magnetothermoelasticity. Hyper-geometric functions are employed to solve the governing equation. The material properties through the graded direction are assumed to be nonlinear with an exponential distribution. The nonhomogeneity of the material in the radial directions is assumed to be power-exponential. The temperature, displacement and stress fields and the perturbation of magnetic field vector are determined and compared with those of the homogeneous case. Hence, the effect of inhomogeneity on the stresses and the perturbation of magnetic field vector distributions are demonstrated. The results of this study are applicable for designing optimum FGM hollow spheres.


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