A Roll Wear Prediction Model in Hot Plate Rolling

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1 M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Isfahan University of Technology.

2 Professor, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Isfahan University of Technology


In this paper, the wear of work roll in hot plate rolling is introduced and the parameters affecting wear mechanisms in hot strip mill are investigated. In addition, different wear mechanisms in hot rolling and the differences between these mechanisms in different stands are explained. Using the finite element method and the rolling equations, a work roll wear model is proposed. Wear is modeled using the resultant pressure distribution along the roll barrel. To obtain the tentative coefficient, summation of wear in each pass schedule is obtained and calibrated via actual wear of samples tested in the Mobarakeh Steel Company. Finally, the theoretical wear values are compared with those of the experiment. The predicted wear profiles are found to be in good agreement with those of the experimental measured values.


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