Thermal Buckling Analysis of Circular FGM Plate with Actuator/Actuator Piezoelectric Layer Based on Neutral Plane

Document Type : Persian


1 Associate Professor, Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch

2 .Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Office of Standards and Industrial Research in Kermanshah

3 M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Kermanshah Oil Company.


In this paper, the thermal buckling analysis of a circular plate made of FGM materials with actuator/actuator piezoelectric layers based on neutral plane, classical plate theory and first order shear deformation plate theory is investigated. Reddy's model is assumed for material properties of FGM plate. Plate under the thermal loading, nonlinear temperature rise through the thickness and clamped edges is considered. Equilibrium and stability equations are drived using the calculus of variations and applying Euler equations. The obtained results are compared with the numerical values of  the critical buckling temperature based on the theories mentioned above, and good agreement is observed between them.


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