Research in Sensibility of Locating Damage Methods Based on Mode Shape to Damage Intensity

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1 M.Sc. Student, MalekAshtar University, Tehran

2 Associate Professor, MalekAshtar University, Tehran

3 - Assistant Professor, MalekAshtar University, Tehran


Structural health monitoring and damage detection is one of the most important subjects for mechanic and aerospace engineers. Structural fault can cause uncompensated problems for both human and environment. There are several methods for solving this problem, but the most useful methods are those which focuse on structural change in the vibrational properties. This paper presents a feasibility study on locating damage in circular cylindrical fiber-reinforced composite shells based on mode shape methods and the sensibility of different damage intensity. In view of the fact that damage detections based on shape mode which do not use unprepared data are less reliable, in comparison by other damage detection methods, and highly efficient method mentioned depended on accuracy of modal testing and data extraction. As a whole, this paper shows that among the methods which used damage oriented approach, the first hole with thickness of 4mm in the other stages are more able to detect damage detection.


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