Improving of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-A356 Alloy with Compo-Casting Method

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Aluminum/alumina composites are used in automotive and aerospace industries due to their low density and good mechanical strength. In this research, the effect of mechanical stirring of slurry in liquid-solid phase temperature and injection of alumina powder with inert gas (Ar) on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-A356 alloy is investigated. In order to improve of the wettability and homogenous distribution of alumina powder in the Al–matrix, heat treatment of alumina particles in 1100 ̊C for 20 min before injection in slurry is done. In this study, compo-casting method was used to fabricate aluminum matrix composite reinforced with micro alumina particles. To investigate the mechanical properties of hardness tests, impact and compression test are employed. Mechanical results showed that the stirring of slurry and addition of alumina improved the hardness, compression strength and impact energy. Using alumina particles and compo-casting process the best mechanical properties are obtained. Finally, the hardness, compression strength and impact energy of the samples that were produced by compo-casting method are compared to the convectional casting and showed an increase of 37, 231 and 51 percent, respectively


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