Experimental study of piston scuffing effect on engine performance parameters

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Piston scuffing is one of the destructive faults in internal combustion (IC) engines. There are different causes to make this fault that lack of lubricant is the most important one among them. The purpose of this paper is the quantitative study of the piston scuffing effects on the engine performance parameters which is a new research direction in the IC engine filed. For this reason, several engine parameters such as rotational speed, engine torque, engine power, blow-by flow rate and crankcase pressure were measured during a designed piston scuffing test. Results showed that the fault caused the rotational speed, the torque and the engine power to reduce more than 100 rpm, 25 N.m and 16 KW, respectively. In addition with the effects of the piston scuffing on the above parameters, a great and instant increase occurred in the blow-by flow rate, crankcase pressure.


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