Buckling Analysis of Orthotropic and Anisotropic Rectangular Plates by GDQ Method

Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2008, Pages 35-48

H. Moslemi Naein; Mehdi Tajdari; Siamak Mazdak; V. Panahi Zadeh

Investigation of Axial to Lateral Load ratio on the Buckling of Thin Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells

Volume 7, Issue 3, November 2014, Pages 35-43

M. Esmaeil-Dokht; R.A. Alashti; M.H. Ghasemi; M. Dardel

Thermo-mechanical analysis of a coated cylinder head

Volume 10, Issue 2, May 2017, Pages 35-48

Hojjat Ashouri

Finite Element Analysis of Safety Mechanism in a Mechanical Controller

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2008, Pages 39-48

Mehdi Massah; Kourosh Hasanpur; Mehrdad Poursina; Mehdi Salmani Tehrani; Masih Sonbolestan

Design and Production of a Pneumatic Moving Exciter for Determination of Vibration Behavior of Structures in Variable Frequencies

Volume 4, Issue 2, September 2011, Pages 41-48

Firooz Bakhtiari-Nejad; Maysam Mirzaei; Mahdi Vahabi; Amirabolfazl Soratgar

Flexural monitoring of carbon fiber/epoxy composite by acoustic emission

Volume 9, Issue 1, May 2016, Pages 49-62

Nima Beheshtizadeh; Amir Mostafapour

PID Tuning Method on AGV (automated guided vehicle) Industrial Robot

Volume 12, Issue 4, November 2019, Pages 53-66

Ata Jahangir Moshayedi; Atanu Shuvam Roy; Liefa Liao

Experimental investigation of the effect of suspended nanoparticles into conventional fluid on the heat transfer improvement

Volume 9, Issue 2, August 2016, Pages 209-220

Arash KarimiPour; davood toghraie; omid ali akbari; Majid Zarringhalam; Gholamreza Ahmadi Sheikh Shabani

An Upper Bound Solution for Analysis of Twist Extrusion Process with Elliptical Die Cross-section

Volume 2, Issue 2, September 2009, Pages 37-46

Yaser Mirbagheri; Hamed Masoumi; Majid Seyed Salehi