Author = R. Ansari
Number of Articles: 5
3. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Thermal Environment using the Nonlocal Timoshenko Beam Model

Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2011, Pages 1-9

Abolhasan Nazarinezhad Giashi; Reza Ansari; Habib Ramezannezhad Azarboni

4. Elastic Buckling Analysis of Composite Shells with Elliptical Cross-section under Axial Compression

Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer 2009, Pages 35-46

Mansour Darvizeh; Abolfazl Darvizeh; Reza Ansari; Elham Kazemi

5. Identification of Crack Location and Depth in a Structure by GMDH- type Neural Networks and ANFIS

Volume 1, Issue 4, Summer 2008, Pages 63-76

M. Darvizeh; N. Narimanzadeh; A. Malihi; M. Javadzadeh; R. Ansari